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When applying for a goods vehicle operator’s licence, you’ll have to pay:
-a one-off fee payable on application
-a fee for the issue of a licence
-a fee for the issue of an interim licence (if applicable)
You’ll then have to pay a continuation fee every 5 years to keep your licence active.
Application for a licence                                   £257
Issue of a licence                                               £401
Continuation of a licence after 5 years          £401
Issue of an interim licence                               £68
Major change to a licence                               £257

Other costs:
Advertise your application in a newspaper £ 120 to £ 250 depending on the area of the UK and newspaper.
Sometimes a garage or garage owner charges a fee to sign a contract, but not everyone.

This means that you must invest at least £ 1000 before you start earning.

Fees/ Cost: Welcome
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