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Our services

- Transport Operator Licence Application support. 

- ETM External Transport Manager

- DGSA Danger goods safety advisor

- Freight Forwarding

- CUSTOMS Import and Export 

      - Preparation of documentation
      - Cargo declaration to the customs office
      - Organization of transport

- Training for new operators.

- Trainings for Transport Manager.

- Free advising

- Contract transport

- Work for Owner Drivers and small operator.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We will help you choose the best options for you for free.


You don't need much to start. At the beginning you must:

You don't need much to start. At the beginning you must:
1. Sign a parking contract (operating centre)
2. Sign the contract for a maintenance truck.
3. You must have 8,000 financial security for the first truck.
4. Advertise your application in the newspaper.
5. Transport manager.


That's all you need.

Many people ask if they have to pass some exams?

You do not need to pass any exams. Only transport manager must pass 2 exams. You can hire a transport manager, external or internal. It all depends on how much you want to have a truck licensed.

Hello. Looking for subcontractors. Full time. Guaranteed minimum weekly rate. Payment per week. A box, curtain or refrigerator trailer is required. If you are interested, please write to 

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